A Man with a Lamp

Once upon a time, there was a small town. There lived a man by himself who couldn’t see. He was blind. Yet, he carried a lighted lamp with him whenever he went out at night.

One night as he was coming home after having a dinner outside, he came across a group of young travellers. They saw that he was blind, yet carrying a lighted lamp. They started passing comments on him and made a fun of him. One of them asked him, “Hey Man! You are blind and can’t see anything! Why do you carry the lamp then?!”

The blind man replied, “Yes, unfortunately, I am blind and I can’t see anything but a lighted lamp which I am carrying is for the people like you who can see. You may not see the blind man coming and end up pushing me. That is why I carry a lighted lamp”.

The group of travellers felt ashamed and apologized for their behaviour.

Moral: We should think before judging others. Always be polite and learn to see things from others point of view.

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  1. I am used this website for story narrating in my school since I was in nursery.I have a story narration tomorrow. i’m in 10th grade now. I still use it because it gives us wonderful stories. Lovely story. Respect each and other.

  2. Very nice story

  3. this is an iranian origin story. Mowlavi was a grate poet in Iran(Persia)700 years ago

  4. I like this story too much

  5. i like this stories and i use to teaching my students

  6. I like all of your stories so much becoz these are short and easy to read

    ..I used to read this story for my dear elder sister who is pregnant..Baby feels so happy to listen the stories as shows movements in the womb👣..Thanku for sharing all the stOries..i demand more stories

  7. May Kyi Lin Thet

    August 7, 2020 at 5:26 am

    I like this story very much.It teaches us not to joke who are not stronger than you and you must think before doing something.If it is not you will get shame in front of other people.

  8. I love the stories ,they are very interesting.

  9. a very nice story ……………….

  10. i learnt something out of class,thanks in advance!

  11. Supper storry

  12. Good stories but some are too long and some are too short took some time to find right one. But still very good Stories. Would recommend.

  13. Very nice story . Thanks a lot


  15. Everyone has strength in the world and i learnt something from this story

  16. Sharabh dhingra

    June 16, 2021 at 11:44 pm

    This is a great story it helped me alot for getting popular in reciting stories

  17. This story is great .
    It’s help us to be a kind and helpful

  18. Nice story

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