At moral stories, children and adults can find the stories which can motivate, inspire and educate.  You can read it yourself or to your children and help them to understand morals of life. Our present generation can use such stories and its moral in their life to become a better human.

We have a collection of Aesop’s Fables, Panchatantra Tales from the ancient India, Bed Time Stories, Inspirational, Motivational Stories.  A selection of moral stories which will teach you to work hard, make your bond strong with your loved ones and family.  Each story with moral represents a valuable lesson for kids and adults.  These short stories are for everyone to read and gain positive energy from it.

We encourage anyone to participate, read and submit any story which complies with terms of this website and can be the inspiration to others.  Also, if anyone would be interested in correcting grammar or spelling errors in user-submitted stories, you are welcome to submit it with corrections.

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“Learning What Matters”

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  1. Björn Hendricks

    October 20, 2019 at 9:30 am

    Good day. I subscribed to this page a few years ago with an email address I don’t use anymore. I would like to sign up again to receive stories via your newsletter. Can you please assist me?

    • Hello, Your email address is added to newsletter subscription, you may confirm it through email you should have received. Thank you.

  2. Can you tell me who’s the creator of “The struggles of our life”? I need it for a presentation at school :)

  3. I liked the stories very much. Thanks @moral stories for a great move.

  4. I really liked short story after reading for your websites. Its really motivating and inspiring. Keep it up.

  5. the stories made me happy and impressed me
    sometimes I remembered relatives who died and left. those who told me stories like this…
    anyway, thank you for this wonderful love

  6. Thanks for having these stories very nice. May I ask who is the author of this “Goes around, comes around?” And would you mind if I’m going to use this one for my lesson plan? Thank You.

  7. I like the stories that have morals.

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