Fox and The Goat

Once a fox was roaming around in the dark. Unfortunately, he fell into a well. He tried his level best to come out but all in vain. So, he had no other alternative but to remain there until the next morning. The next day, a goat came that way. She peeped into the well and saw the fox there. The goat asked, “what are you doing there, Mr. Fox?”

The sly fox replied, “I came here to drink water. It is the best I have ever tasted. Come and see for yourself.” Without thinking even for a while, the goat jumped into the well, quenched her thirst and looked for a way to get out. But just like the fox, she also found herself helpless to come out.

Then the fox said, “I have an idea. You stand on your hind legs. I’ll climb on your head and get out. Then I shall help you come out too.” The goat was innocent enough to understand the shrewdness of the fox and did as the fox said and helped him get out of the well.

While walking away, the fox said, “Had you been intelligent enough, you would never have got in without seeing how to get out.”

Moral: Look before you leap. Β Do not just blindly walk in to anything without thinking.

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  1. What a nice story

  2. Most of the people do like that.

  3. what a great story . . . :-)

  4. Sinong author?

  5. Oo nga sinong author?

  6. wow nice,i like it guyz did u get?

  7. and awesome?

  8. ako pala c kim hi everyone?

  9. Funny but applicable to the life

  10. Nice story, funny moral though

  11. i love this story so funny moral

  12. Very funny and a good moral story! I LOVE THIS STORY

  13. mariegel k. EXO baek.

    September 11, 2015 at 7:35 pm

    what is personal reaction of there?

  14. mariegel EXO baekhyun chanyeol

    September 11, 2015 at 7:36 pm

    wow! what a nice story!!

  15. A very stupid goat in there!

  16. well,good story.

  17. don’t believe other act immediately..

  18. HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why no moral but in google say have moral!!!!!

  19. it’s a nice story. A real moral story

  20. Who is the author ?

  21. very interesting

  22. Raschel Kate Lestino

    November 8, 2015 at 9:44 am

    Very good story like it

  23. I like the moral

  24. I like the part that the fox and the goat helped each other…??

  25. very goodthat fable

  26. I love how the fox came up with a brilliant idea.

  27. I didn’t finish reading it but so far it was brilliant

  28. Very good but no speech marks at the end of I have a idea dialogue


  30. Please someone answer this question “did the goat come out of the well?”

  31. That’s so nice

  32. The fox did not eat that snow-colored goat

  33. Thats mean of the fox dont trick people

  34. Moral lesson is never trust a sly fox..

  35. Love this story sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Think before you act.


  38. you should make this fable longer

  39. good fable
    good its short

  40. this fable was OK, but I’ve seen much better.

  41. This is not nice fable.

  42. This fable was ok,because go0d fable,,go0d it’s short but I’ve seen much better..

  43. This is the best sroty i have ever heard. I love these stories stories r life. i have no job i just read stories all day thats what i do for a living it doesnt pay well.

  44. it needs to be longer

  45. A friend who gets you into a hole; won’t always help you get out.

  46. Mehdi from Iran

    March 9, 2016 at 6:54 am

    I think “HELP” in the following sentence in the story (3rd paragraph) must be corrected by “HELPED”.

    The goat was innocent enough to understand the shrewdness of the fox and did as the fox said and help >>>>him<<<< get out of the well.

    Am I right????

    Thanks …

  47. Think before acting

  48. good story

  49. the story is good for kids

  50. Vinod Kumar Sharma

    March 21, 2016 at 4:20 am

    good moral

  51. Pritha Bhattacharjee

    March 22, 2016 at 11:15 am

    really good story awsome

  52. think b-4 u act, it’s the best thing u can do so u’ll not regret in the end…

  53. It is good story for kids…better to think before doing anything for a we wont regret in the end

  54. dont trust people easily

  55. Ruby Firestone 0_0

    April 18, 2016 at 9:45 am

    They forgot to say that the fox didn’t help the goat, without that the ending doesn’t really explain why the goat should of not trusted the fox according to the story the fox could of helped the goat, we don’t know, but I have read another source luckily so this needs a fixing and with other stories,I hope that the website owners fix all the errors of the stories because it might be time comsuming ,but then people don’t have to write down all the right things on the paper after printing it and the website could become more popular for having no errors.OH MY GOSH THIS IS ONE LONG COMMENT I DO HOPE THE WEB OWNERS READ THE COMMENTS OR I AM A BIG IDIOT! Any way please just regard this enormas comment I mean you even have to scroll down.DON NOT GET THE WRONG IDEA I LOVE THIS WEBSITE AND THE STORIES AND THIS ONE A LOT!Thank you to those who are still reading this.DANG WHAT A LONG COMMENT! 0_0 I have a proplem with writing comments!

  56. Nice fables I like it

  57. Chacko varghese

    April 29, 2016 at 8:56 am

    It is a nice story when I was small I used to read this story?☺??????????

  58. This fable just comes to show that if you help someone something good or bad might happen to you and also this fable helps me realize that if you walk into a dark room with a blind fold the world becomes much darker. think about it.

  59. this story is very nice and interesting we need use it’s moral in good ways.

  60. That’s dumb you people are idiots

  61. wow amazing

  62. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……….

  63. who is the author of this fable…??? can anybody tell me..pls because it’s for my project…! :-)

  64. Be positive


    July 16, 2016 at 9:43 am

    Good fable I like it

  66. nice story……but it could have been a little longer……but its nice…..I like it……don’t take my comment the wrong way Tony…..cheers

  67. Who’s the author?

  68. waxaan doonaytaa fa soomaali

  69. psalm hoshsana e. mojado

    August 20, 2016 at 12:05 am

    hahahaha nice story wow its amazing

  70. but………….its not right..its cheating…you help some body while he is going to die..and after getting helped you cheat that person and let him die??? its not justice.

  71. Is a funy stor i liked, i would like to write some to share with all of you.can I?

  72. So Nyz Fable ,always the fox is cheater

  73. Characters,, time and place???

  74. always
    think aheard

  75. this is a good thing for kids

  76. Thanks for this????

  77. its great for kids and have their lesson i am a kid

  78. Think before you do.

  79. Moral to not do stuff without thinking 1st

  80. Morals thought my kid a lot????????????????

  81. I was so excited to read it at the front of my class I’m sure that my teacher will say very good because it is too good for kids like me

  82. Its very good and the writer is so intelligent

  83. This story is superb

  84. Try try but don’t cry?

  85. When I read this story inform the of my class all of them said me very good ?

  86. I really like the moral of the story. I think it will get the message through to some people.

  87. It is a very nice story.I think this moral of the story will pass a nice message to some people.

  88. Really it is a very interesting and moral story for the children.I like the moral story too much.when I read this story I think this story give a nice massage for some innocent and soft – hearted person.

  89. i like this story but it is boring

  90. i like this story

  91. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! This story. Can’t wait to tell this story to everybody in my class. And, I love this story’s moral. AMAZING!

  92. Best story I ever Heard

  93. this story sucks but the moral of the story gave me the answer to one of my questions on my homework

  94. jk I like this story and the moral it teaches a very valuable lesson

  95. this was the best

  96. Wow amazing story

  97. Great story with a good moral

  98. Sister Brenda Lanuza, OP

    April 8, 2018 at 11:41 pm

    It a very inspiring stories…could you please send me different stories…

  99. It is very superb story

  100. it is a very standard story.
    the story is beautiful.
    thank you for helping.


  102. First think two or three times before doing an thing

  103. Good story

  104. Cool story!!!

  105. Educational story.πŸ‘

  106. good story

  107. Memory improving story

  108. this is also my hw i am in 8 std its our hw

  109. In 8th this is a hw for students

  110. It was very good! Cause I have a Story Telling Contest! The story is this, but other type!!

  111. Very good and nice

  112. i think this story was amazing

  113. very nice


  115. The story was pretty good

  116. real nice story the best one ever

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