Fox and The Goat

Once a fox was roaming around in the dark. Unfortunately, he fell into a well. He tried his level best to come out but all in vain. So, he had no other alternative but to remain there until the next morning. The next day, a goat came that way. She peeped into the well and saw the fox there. The goat asked, “what are you doing there, Mr. Fox?”

The sly fox replied, “I came here to drink water. It is the best I have ever tasted. Come and see for yourself.” Without thinking even for a while, the goat jumped into the well, quenched her thirst and looked for a way to get out. But just like the fox, she also found herself helpless to come out.

Then the fox said, “I have an idea. You stand on your hind legs. I’ll climb on your head and get out. Then I shall help you come out too.” The goat was innocent enough to understand the shrewdness of the fox and did as the fox said and helped him get out of the well.

While walking away, the fox said, “Had you been intelligent enough, you would never have got in without seeing how to get out.”

Moral: Look before you leap.  Do not just blindly walk in to anything without thinking.

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'99' Thoughts on a Story

  1. I was so excited to read it at the front of my class I’m sure that my teacher will say very good because it is too good for kids like me

  2. Its very good and the writer is so intelligent

  3. This story is superb

  4. Try try but don’t cry?

  5. When I read this story inform the of my class all of them said me very good ?

  6. I really like the moral of the story. I think it will get the message through to some people.

  7. It is a very nice story.I think this moral of the story will pass a nice message to some people.

  8. Really it is a very interesting and moral story for the children.I like the moral story too much.when I read this story I think this story give a nice massage for some innocent and soft – hearted person.

  9. i like this story but it is boring

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