Father and the Donkey

Banwarilal is a simple soul who believes whatever he is told. The village boys are aware of this and exploit his simplicity for a few laughs. One day, Banwarilal is on his way to the market with his son to sell their donkey. He comes across some village boys out to have fun.

Seeing the father and son duo walking with the donkey, they first suggest that let the son ride on the donkey and save the effort. The son is put on the donkey’s back. The boys then ridicule the boy for riding while the father walks. The father and son switch places. The father rides while the son walks. The boys then taunt the father for making the poor son walk and advise the duo to ride the donkey together.

Thinking it a good idea they comply. The poor donkey collapses from exhaustion. The boys then express their disgust at the duo for ill-treating the donkey and advice that they take the donkey to an animal doctor. The duo again follows the advice.

On the way, they come across barking stray dogs. In the confusion that ensues, the donkey falls into the flowing river. The donkey is lost forever. Banwarilal loses the donkey because he follows what he is suggested without thinking for himself.

Moral: He who listens to everybody will only become a laughing stock

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'20' Thoughts on a Story

  1. It took my heart away

  2. Right! Nice story with moral ..

  3. story is not good

  4. Abdul Majid Raeen

    July 11, 2015 at 12:38 am

    Very nice

  5. Story is very nice and good

  6. Never gudge with no proof

  7. Think before applying anyone’s advice…

  8. Justify the advice before you follow

  9. story is really impressive. People we should Learn something by this story that we should work hard

  10. no it did not

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